How it Works

The Easy Way

Purchase a Canoe or Kayak or Paddle Board kit from one of the major manufactures, have it shipped to my shop an we will do the assembly for you. Shop time is reasonably priced, most kits can be assembled in 40 to 80 hours. We will ship the craft to you when finished. But don't worry, you will be involved through the entire process. This is also the fastest way to get on the water.

Middle of the Road

So you cant find a kit you like but you have those pictures of the craft you always dreamed of? We can help with that as well. Send us the pictures, your specs and anything you would like to include on the craft and we will work with you on a custom creation that is all you.

From the Water Up

Do you have an idea that just wont go away? Do you have a new idea or design that you would like to try? We can help with your design questions, lofting, form building and construction of your dream craft.

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